Dogged review


By Luke David

“Eerily disturbing with a lot of passion put into it.”

At first glance, “Dogged” may seem like yet another attempt of making a film about masked murderers with no real reason behind the killings, however, this film is eerily disturbing with a lot passion put into it.

Set on a deserted island with only a handful of residents, the film follows Sam, a student that returns home after the mysterious death of a young girl causing a lot of tension within the island. The filmmaker puts you on the front seat of the action while constantly making you question everything about the unsettling environment that makes it all the more terrifying.

“Dogged” does deliver on good performances and special effects, however it’s not perfect. Like many other low-budget horror films, the movie does suffer from amateur looking shots and audio problems throughout the movie, however, this is easily overlooked by the solid script the film has that singlehandedly carries the entire film.

It’s films like this that make you want to lock your doors at night and sleep with a blanket on as the real monsters out there are often disguised as humans. “Dogged” is a well-crafted horror film that does take a while to get going but once it does, you’ll be locked in till the end.

The film deserves massive props for being completely crowdfunded, proving that you can really achieve anything if you set your mind to it in this day age. You really wouldn’t want to miss out on a film like this, unless of course, if you completely hate horror movies.

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